Ceiling Repairs London

Ceiling Repairs in and around London.

There are many reasons your ceiling might have to be repaired or renewed. It could be an old lath and plaster ceiling that has sagged, cracked, or failed. You may have water damage from leaking pipe work or roof or a textured finish that is out dated.

Possibly your new light fittings will not take or have been relocated and left holes. No matter what the reason, we can evaluate your ceiling and repair or replace as necessary. We will supply all equipment and materials needed to reinstate your properties ceilings, to a smooth flat paintable finish. Care will be taken to lessen disruption within your home and areas around the ceiling will be covered to protect.

Our Process for Repairing Ceilings

  • Find the Water Leak Using Infrared
  • Remove Water Damaged Drywall/Plasterboards
  • Make Repairs to the Leak & Plaster
  • Prime and Paint
  • Clean Up & Remove Any Waste

Repairing a Ceiling Following Water Damage

One of the leading causes of ceiling damage is through water damage. Have you returned home or woken up to discover water coming through your ceiling? At Painting London, we have fixed countless ceilings following water damage from leaking pipes or water ingress through a defective roof.

We have the technology to identify the source of your water damage without having to rip open your ceiling. People use our services due to the fact that we can typically save time and money by tracing the water source of your ceiling leak, without destructing the property further because of it.

Ceiling Repairs London & Surrounds

Contact us today if you are based in and around London, and we can give you advice as best a we can, and if needs be, schedule attendance. Call Painting London to get help with your ceiling repairs in London and the surrounds.

Water damaged ceilings can cause a lot of mess and disruption and prior to plastering it is essential that the water coming through the roof or from a leaking pipe is properly repaired.

Call Painting London to get help with your leaking ceiling in London and the surrounds.

Ceiling Repairs London

“Fantastic company. We obtained several quotes for plastering and decorating following substantial water damage. Painting London were not the cheapest but their quote and timescale to get the work done were very reasonable. We are very pleased with the outcome and our house looks brilliant.”

John Ayott – Fulham