Snagging Survey London

Snagging Surveys London

A snagging survey is designed to take a look for flaws with a new-build or recently refurbished or renovated dwelling. Developers or renovation contractors should really fix issues noticed in snagging surveys quickly.

Compared to normal home surveys, snagging surveys need to identify everything from minor concerns, for instance a door that does not close properly or a worktop with a dodgy finish to really serious, structural issues.

What is a Snagging Survey?

A snagging survey is predominantly a aesthetic survey on the overall quality of finish with the aim of checking for imperfections ( snags ). Nevertheless, more experienced snagging inspectors, such as those used by us, generally unearth more severe problems in new properties.

Snagging Lists

Snagging lists are the result of a snagging survey and are used to establish any problems or fixes that need to be made to a new build property or a property following refurbishment or renovation work.

Snagging surveys should be carried out between building work being completed and your legal completion date.

What is Inspected During a Snagging Survey?

During a snagging inspection the building is inspected internally and externally covering particulars such as : walls, roof, gutters, downpipe, doors, windows, fixtures, fittings, showers, baths, skirting, walls, ceilings and joinery.

After the survey our surveyors can then create a snagging list of any repairs that need to be made which will then be passed over to the company carrying out the renovation or other construction works.

As soon as the repairs have been undertaken another assessment will be performed to confirm that the fixes have been undertaken to a satisfactory quality

What Does a Snagging Survey Cost?

Snagging surveys normally cost between £300 and £600.

Considering the fact that you’re investing thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands, of pounds in your residential or commercial property, and the survey can find major issues which can otherwise go unseen until your building contractors is long gone, this is money well spent.

Snagging Survey London

“Massive thank you to James and the team. Your survey discovered quite a few things that were not quite right. Luckily the contractors were happy to come and sort them out. Money well spent!”

Ryan O'Hara - Covent Garden