Insurance Claims

Don’t under-claim!

Most of us assume that we’re well insured and that there will be no problem when it comes to making a claim for what we believe to be the full amount of the loss or damage we may suffer. If only it were that simple! Anyone who’s lived through such a misfortune in their home or business will tell you this is far from the case.

We explain everything we do beforehand and document all work to justify our prices.

Insurance companies have high expectations of refurbishment companies and will not provide an indemnity unless the work is completely properly at a fair price.

An insurance policy is easy to buy, but making a justifiable claim is now very time consuming and increasingly complex. Insurance companies employ loss adjusters to protect their interests – not yours.

At Painting London we provide a complete claim management service, valuable support and professional advice to you, the policyholder. We can ensure that your claim is settled fairly and quickly, and that you receive everything you’re entitled to. Preferably talk to us before you talk to the insurance company.

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