External House Painting

External painting of flats and houses

Over the years we have been involved with the annual

External re decorating of flats Hampstead

external redecoration’s of  lots of property’s and mansion blocks, we don’t only get involved with there painting of the w

oodwork and the masonry work of the property but also the renovation of the windows and the brickwork.

It  normal that when scaffolding is erected around a property themaximum use is gained from it and whilst the  scaffolding is up re roofing decorating and repairs to the walls are also undertaken, in fact the external decorating of the woodwork sometimes becomes secondary to the other maintenance works to the property.


External House Painting St Johns wood

Its been one of those summers, rain rain rain but now the suns out and believe it on not we do more external  house painting in September and October than we do in any  other month.



The scaffolding is up and covered in plastic so that when we clean the brickwork the over spray from our acid doesn’t  go over next doors property. When the job is finished I will blog the finished photos